Five Colored Beach

Five-Colored Beach is located on the first and second steps on the north bank of the Irtysh River, which is the only one in China that flows into the Arctic Ocean. It is 480 meters above sea level, heading towards Habahe County and it is also the only way to Kanas tourist attractions.

The Five-Colored Beach is popular with its spectacular and beautiful scenery especially the sunset here is gorgeous and the view of the two side is totally different but very special. If you like nature and beach and like to take pictures of beautiful sunset, then its a nice place to visit.

Click the picture to enjoy the video of stunning colored beach


Beautiful Scenery of Five Colored Beach


Chinese Name: 五彩滩  [wǔ cǎi tān]

Location: 24 kilometers away from Burqin County

Popular activities: sightseeing, photography, camping and fishing

Suited to: everyone

Time needed: 2-4 hours

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Five-Colored Beach

Spectacular and Fantastic Scenery

Five-Colored Beach is a national 4A scenic spot and it is also a river beach known for its Yadan landform. The fierce river impact and strong wind erosion have formed the cliff-like Yadan landform on the north bank. The weather resistance of the river bank rock formations is different, and the contours will be uneven, and the rocks contain different minerals, which have different colors. The hills here are peculiar in geology and show a variety of colors. Every evening when the sun shines, the colors are gorgeous and fantastic, which is very spectacular. On the other side is a dense Populus Euphratica forest, which is beautifully reflected in the river water. Every autumn, the yellow leaves are brilliant, which is an excellent place to take pictures.

When walk into the Five-Colored Beach, you will feel as if in a dream world. The unique lava landscape consisted of purplish red, vandyke red, yellow and light green mudstone, sandstone and gravel; this is the most beautiful colorful beach, the masterpiece of nature, and the miracle of Burqin.

five-colored-beach-1.jpg five-colored-beach-2.jpg

Five Colored Beach

Things to Do

Enjoy the beautiful view of the beach

The colors of the rocks on the north bank of the Five-Colored Beach are changeable, and under the sunlight at sunset, the colors of the rocks are mainly red, with green, yellow, white, black and excessive colors. Whenever the wind blows, in the ravines and under the rocks, there will be strange sounds of different lengths and heights everywhere, making tourists feel mysterious and unpredictable. There is also a large-scale wind power generation site in Five-Colored Beach, which adds a dynamic and energetic melody to the vast field of vision.


If you arrive in Burqin in the afterrnoon, you can go to the Five-Colored Beach to wait for the sunset. The sunset at Five-Colored Beach is very famous. Due to the different minerals contained in the rock, various colors appear under the sunlight! Especially in the sunset, the colorful beach looks even more beautiful!

If you like photography, don't miss this opportunity for some beautiful sunset photos. The best time is between 8 pm and 9 pm, because this is the sunset time in Xinjiang. If there are few clouds, the beautiful sunset scenery will be at its best.   


Five Colored Beach at Sunset

Camping and fishingfive-colored-beach-5.jpg

There is a nameless suspension bridge across the Irtysh River next to the Five-Colored Beach and its material and structure seem to be the most common suspension bridge, and it is also covered with bumpy wooden boards. And one side of the bridge is full of green trees, where the scenery is simply stunning. Alternatively, tourists can camp around the river, and go fishing in the river; However, other side is indeed China's most beautiful Yadan landform, the gobi scenery; tourists can appreciate the Yadan landform's beauty.


Travel Trips

Best Time for Visiting

The best time to travel to Five-Colored Beach is in autumn, and the morning and evening of autumn are the best viewing times. In the Five-Colored Beach, the mountains on the north bank of the Irtysh River are undulating and the colors are changeable. Under the sunlight at sunset, the color of the rock is mainly red, with green, purple, yellow, white, black and transitional colors, which are extremely gorgeous. There is a large temperature difference before and after sunset in Xinjiang. It is recommended to prepare clothes to avoid catching a cold after sunset.

How to Get to the Five-Colored Beach from Urumqi

a. By bus

The bus from Urumqi to Burqin departs directly from Nianzigou Bus Station, the fare is about 195CNY/PP, and it takes about 11 hours to reach the destination.

b. By taxi

Five-Colored Beach Scenic Spot is located about 24 kilometers north of Burqin County. You can go there by carpooling in Burqin County, and the round-trip is about 20-30CNY/PP.

Travel Information 

Opening Time: Year-round 09:00-19:30

Customer Service Phone: 0906-6325170


Admission fee: 45CNY/PP

Nearby Attractions

Kanas Lake

Kanas Scenic Area is located in the deep mountains and dense forests in Burqin County, Altay Region, about 800 kilometers away from Urumqi. It is one of the famous scenic spots in Xinjiang. Some tourists will start from Kanas Lake and hike eastward to Hemu Village (1-2 days), which has become a paradise line in the minds of domestic outdoor enthusiasts. Compared with the human landscape of the other two villages, Kanas Lake is fascinating with mysterious lake monsters, changing colors of lake water and dazzling natural scenery.


Kanas Lake

Sino-Russian Old Wharf Style Street

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Hemu Village

Hemu Scenic Area is located in Burqin, about 30 kilometers east of Kanas Lake. It is a small village inhabited by Kazakhs and Tuva people. Generally, tourists will visit Hemu Village and Kanas Lake Scenic Area together when they visit the northern Xinjiang. All the houses in Hemu Village are simple log cabins scattered in the valleys between the mountains. And the local ethnic minority compatriots work in the courtyard, which looks simple and quiet. The Hemu River flows by the village, and the water is light blue and very clear. There are grasslands and birch forests around the village, with beautiful scenery. In winter, snow begins to accumulate on the top of the mountain and becomes a small snow-capped mountain, like a fairy tale world.

hemu-village.jpg heme-village-1.jpg



Hemu Village

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