Gansu Typical Attractions during Silk Road Tour

November 18th 2019 10:34:00

Gansu Province is located in the northwest of China.It borders Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Mongolia. Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province.Gansu is an important province in the ancient silk road.So it has become a popular place for travelers who want to travel silk road tour.What are the top 5 places to visit in Gansu?

Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake

Echoing-Sand Mountain is the most popular place to visit.This mountain is famous for the canstant sound of the moing sand.It is said many year ago, a horrific battle was fought here and the sound we here today were the haunting cries of soldiers buried in the sand dunes.The Crescent Moon Lake is an oasis in the desert.The lake is shaped like a moon.Although the surrounding area is very dry,the pool surprisingly doesn't dry up as one might expect.And the most popular activity here is camel riding.Once you travel here,you must try that.

echoing-sand mountain.jpg

Mogao Grottoes

The Mogao Grottoes is the most famous buddha cave around the world.According to Tang Dynasty records,a monk had witnessed a vision of thousand buddhas under showers of golden rays.What remains today is truly awe inspiring, and is likely the world's richest treasure house of buddhism.But there is one thing you should know while you travel Mogao Grottoes.Cameras are not allowed inside the grottoes.


Danxia National Geological Park

Danxia Geological Park is a beautiful landform for travelers.The landform is surrounded by colorful hills,which seem to rise and fall lke waves.While you hike across mountain is prohibited to prevemt damage rock formations,so travelers should stick to the paths to view the beautiful scenery.


Bingling Temple

The Bingling Temple is a series of grottoes filled with Buddhist sculptures carved into natural caverns in a canyon along the Yellow River.The caves were started by Buddhist monks from as early as the West Jin Dynasty.On your way to Bingling Temple,you can see the beautiful Liujiaxia Reservoir.The crystal water lying among the yellow earth mountains is quite a view.


Jiayuguan Pass

Jiayuguan is a famous pass in ancient silk road.And the pass stands in the southwest part of Jiayuguan City.It is built in Ming Dynasty.When you visit here,you will shocked by the ancient people in China.


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