The Charm of Hemu Village

September 30th 2019 11:09:00

As one of the travel destinations along the silk road, where you can enjoy the splendid natural landscape and experience the Tuva culture. Today we will take you to the far west region of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to get a glimpse of a rather isolated and primitive village that might bring some inspirations for your future trip plans in China.

Hemu Village:

Located near Kanas Lake in Burqin County, Hemu Village boasts a picturesque natural landscape. Many people might have already heard of the serene beauty of Kanas Lake, but here in Hemu Village, the green grassland and boundless forest plus the misty snowcapped mountains welcome you to a hidden Chinese fairyland.

Hemu Village in Autumn

Many simply can hardly resist the temptation to visit Hemu Village during the autumn season when the golden leaves cast a glow over the whole village. The mountains and forests are reflected on the water, forming a surreal watercolour painting. You might also be able to witness the lake change its colour several times a day.

Tuva people:

Hemu Village is also the most remote and largest of the three residences of Tuva ethnic group. Othe are Kanas Village and Baihaba Village, both in Xinjiang.

The natives have always maintained their simple and ancient lifestyle and many people still make a living by animal husbandry. Their residential area is characterised by wooden houses scattered across the village. The roof is generally nailed with wood and each door opens to the east.

Hemu River and Hemu Village:

Across the residential area is the Hemu River whose water comes from the snow mountain. There are two bridges over the river that people usually call the Hemu Bridges. One is for visitors to walk across the river to the Hemu viewing platform, and the other is mostly used for local herders and their livestock to cross.

Hemu Village is a paradise for shutterbugs. Both sunrises and sunsets offer a wonderful chance for stunning photos. When the night approaches, the sky adorned with numerous stars creates a mysterious and mesmerizing view. You can simply lie down on the ground, gaze at the stars and empty your mind.

Travel tips:

Best season to visit: June to October

Transportation: Take a flight to Urumqi first and then transfer to Burqin Kanas Airport. A road trip is highly recommended to get to the destination and also tour around Xinjiang.