Top Silk Road Attractions

The Silk Road has a history of over 2,000 years and a wealth of fascinating and beautiful destinations and attractions. Nowadays, numerous historical relics, monuments, magnificent natural scenery and colorful ethnic customs along the ancient Silk Road still attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are several critical destinations with top attractions for travelers to consider including in their itinerary. From east to west:

silk road top attraction

Xi'an Terracotta Warriors

As the greatest wonders in Xi'an, it is the best place to visit the posture of army more than two thousand years ago. The terracotta warriors and pottery horses were originally painted that every terracotta figurine has a different face, hairstyle, pose, and expression.

Shaanxi Provincial Museum 

This amazing museum is the perfect place to travel through time and witness the development of Xi'an, as well as see priceless historical objects unearthed in and around the City. The building recreates Tang-dynasty architecture and successfully reveals the history and the splendid culture of China.

Tianshui Maijishan Grottoes

The Grottoes lie just a few miles south of the legendary Silk Road and are easily one of the most underrated sites in China. There are many little caves with carved statues on Maijishan Grottoes, many of the caves are fenced up with wire mesh with small gaps which need to focus to see the figures inside.

Lanzhou Binglingsi Temple

Located 70 km south-east from Lanzhou, it is a series of Buddhist caves situated on a not easily accessible cliff face. At some point, the caves were named the Thousand Buddha Caves even though there have never been more than 200 caves. The total caves at present is 183 

Zhangye Danxia Geopark

This park is located in the northern part of China about midway along the border with Mongolia, in a part of Hexi Corridor, is a top attraction in the Zhangye. It rests in the foothills of the Qilian Mountains, the rock formations and rolling hills almost look as if they were painted.

Jiayuguan Pass

Along with Juyongguan and Shanhaiguan, it is one of the essential passes of the Great Wall. Situated between the Wenshu and Heishan Mountains at the foot of Qilian Mountain, Jiayuguan Pass is a vast building; the grate tower has many stories and hanging cornices, grand and magnificent.

Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes (Caves)

It is one of the must-see places while traveling around Dunhuang because of its historical and religious significance from centuries-old civilizations. The Mogao Grottoes, with many kinds of religious paintings on their walls, dating from the Tang dynasty, were complex designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.

Echoing Sand Mountain

Located south of downtown Dunhuang, it is a must-see place in the Dunhuang - in addition to visiting the Mogao Grottoes (Caves). The huge dune is so named because its sands make sounds. The rolling sands make different sounds if someone climbs up or slides down the mountain.

Turpan Jiaohe Ruins

This ancient city was strategically located along the old Silk Road. What was unique about this city is that it was built on a plateau or terrace, which gave this city a natural barrier from any attacking enemies.

Urumqi Heavenly Lake

Located about 2hrs-driving from Urumqi, it is worth noting that the reserve area is known as a home to a variety of animals, so take the usual precaution you would with any outdoor adventure. A host of small peaks is to be conquered around the lake, each providing their stunning view of the mountain vista.

Kashgar Old Town

It is an excellent place to explore Kashgar and experience the daily life of this beautiful City. Enjoy a cup of tea at the famous 100-year teahouse in the old town, and there are many local restaurants nearby where you can find delicious food, local markets, and a tea house where you can have a glimpse of the lively daily life of Kashgar.

Karakul Lake

The vast lake is located about 190km from Kashgar, at the height of about 3,600 meters, is one of the highest lakes in the world. The reflection of the snow-capped mountains on its blue water is amazingly beautiful scenery.

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