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Xi'an, or Chang’an as it was called before the Ming Dynasty, is the eastern start point of the Silk Road. Known as the site of the Terracotta Army made during the Qin Dynasty, Xi’an has more than 3,100 years of history. With many cultural and historical attractions, we will provide you a variety of tours to Xi’an to explore the charming of this ancient city.

Terrecotta Warriors

One of the most significant archaeological finds in the world, this 16,300-square-meter excavation reveals more than 7,000 life-size terracotta figures of warriors and horses arranged in battle formations. It is divided into several buildings, each showcasingdifferent parts of the terracotta army, and then you'll arrive at the main building, which houses the considerable Terracotta army itself. However, some are missing heads and hands.

Xi'an City Wall

The wall is a large fortress-like wall that surrounds the city, and is well preserved and dates back to the Ming dynasty. It would be best if you climbed some stairs to get up onto the wall, the entire area is paved once on the wall, which is an excellent way to see the city from above. You can rent a bike and enjoy the city from above.

Shaanxi History Museum

The Shaanxi History Museum is an excellent place to learn about ancient Chinese civilization; it's an absolute must-see attraction for history lovers. This history museum, housed in a magnificent Confucian Temple, features more than 370,000 historical relics, mainly from the Zhou to the Tang periods (1100B.C. to 907 A.D.). From its first open day, various exhibitions have been displayed, displaying the rich culture of historical relics and extensive, profound civilization of Chinese Nation from multiple perspectives)

Huaqing Hot Spring

Known as the Huaqing Palace or Huaqing Pool, it is among the greatest palaces built by many emperors for the mystery and scarce hot springs, which can cure diseases. The design of kinds of hot spring pools represented the original and straightforward world view of ancient people. Enjoy walking around the palace. The building was restored nicely, and there were many lakes and ponds.


Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Located on the grounds of the Jianfu Temple, it is considered one of the most famous in China due to its antiquity and historical relevance in connection with Buddha. This pagoda (652 A.D.) is an iconic and historical monument with beautiful gardens and several Buddhist shrines. It should be noted that you may not be able to take photos in some areas, because people are worshipping there.


Muslim Quarter

There are a series of streets and alleyways called the Muslim Quarter lined with shops selling all sorts of food and fresh fruit drinks, which are all prepared in front of passers-by. Next to the street, where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, handicrafts, etc. What the right place for shopping and a local meal!


Xi'an Bell Tower and Drum Tower

The Bell Tower was near the Muslim Quarter and the drum tower. It is the best time to visit at night when it was more refreshing, colorful, and filled with people. The Drum Tower square off of the main street is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and a park. The site is beautifully lit at night and is pleasant to observe during the day.

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