Silk Road Travel by Train

November 28th 2019 16:45:00

As the most famous ancient trade routes, the Silk Road Tour has been the most popular tour in China. Travelers around the world are expecting to have a Silk Road tour in summer. However many travelers wonder what is the most popular way to travel Silk Road. With the developing of railway in China, express train and bullet train can be seen everywhere in China. Thus, if you have enough time, the best way to travel Silk Road is train.


There are many advantages when you take a train tour. First, you won't miss the beautiful sceneries on your way. When you are travelling by train, you can experience how big China is. You can see the beautiful green mountains, fields, rivers, forests and gobi. They are all different in each province. Second, you can meet different kind of people on the way. They might increase your general knowledge about China, which has great history. Third, you can taste a variety of food when you pass by different train stations. When train stop at a station, there are many sellers stand on the platform, who sell local specialty. It very convenient for you to taste different foods on your way.


Anyway, for its convenience and in expensiveness, trains are the most popular way to travel Silk Road. But it is also very tiring when you take a train. You can choose the way on your own. Silk Road Tour is a long journey, I am sure you will be impressed by the magnificent scenery on during your Silk Road tour.