Cuisines along the Silk Road

November 25th 2019 12:43:00

Silk Road Tours have been more and more popular for travelers around the world. One way to get to know cities culture along the silk road is tasting local cuisines. If this is the first time to travel silk road, following this blog, you may have a direction of local cuisines.


Shaanxi Province

Yangrou Paomo

Yangrou Paomo is the most famous soup dish in Shaanxi,which is made by mutton and baked bread pieces.


Rou Jia Mo

This is anther popular food everywhere in Xi’an.Rou Jia Mo is made by baked bread and chopped pork.


Gansu Province

Lanzhou Beef Noodles

This is the most famous cuisine around the world.This is a soup noodle,which is made of hand-pulled noodle,white carrot and beef slices.


Niang Pi

Niang Pi is one of cold noodle,which is made of cold noodles mixed with red chili oil and vinegar.When you travel to Dunhuang,you can find Niang Pi everywhere.


Xinjang Autonomous Region

Xinjiang Dapan Ji

Dapan Ji is a delicious dish in XInjiang,which is made of fried chicken with potatoes and peppers.You can also eat this dish with noodles. This is also called Big Plate Chicken.



Xinjiang Kebabs

Kebabs is the most popular snack in Xinjiang.You can find it in every Xinjiang restaurant.This is a kind of baked mutton with chilli,cumin and salt.



Naan is a Uygurs’ cuisine.This is the main staple for Xinjiang people.Naan is baked break,which has over 10 varieties.


Hand Pilaf

This is another famous cuisine in Xinjiang,which is made of fresh mutton,carrots,oninos,oil and rice.You can also find this delicious cuisine everywhere in Xinjiang.


Pulled Noodles

This is a kind of noodles in Xinjiang.I’m sure every local resident love this noodles.There are dozens of types of this noodles.In a word,this is noodles covered with vegetables and mutton.


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