Top Jiayuguan Attractions

Jiayuguan, an essential place in the Hexi Corridor, is a well-restored fort marking the edge of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty time. A venerable history dated back to the 2nd century BC is a famous fortress on the ancient Silk Road. Travelers can find Jiayuguan at the foot of the Qilian Mountain in the vast Gobi Desert. It has the site of the fort that marks the western end of the Great Wall in Gansu.

Jiayuguan Fortress

It is a beautifully maintained fortress located at a strategic location - Jiayuguan fortress, which is an essential passage for the ancient Silk Road and the place for the western end of the Great Wall. It is reasonably picturesque and has an outer wall where you can climb up and walk around to take photos of the towers.

Overhanging Great Wall

There is Badaling Great Wall at the east of China, while Overhanging Great Wall at the west of China, which is an essential part of the Jiayuguan ancient military defense system. It is the northern extending part of Jiayuguan Fortress.

Weijin Tombs

Located about 15 kilometers northeast of Jiayuguan, Weijin Tombs is a big tomb group with over 1,400 tombs between the 3rd and 5th century during the Wei and Jin dynasties.

Great Wall Museum

Located in the Great Wall at Jiayuguan Fortress, Great Wall Museum was completed in May 2003. The main building is in the shape of a beacon tower connected with the Great Wall.

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