Silk Road Travel to Urumqi

November 26th 2019 12:26:00

As the capital city of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Urumqi plays an important role in the Ancient Silk Road. Once you travel to Xinjiang, Urumqi is the first developed city where you should must visit in Xinjiang. It is a booming modern industrial city, its spectacular growth fueled by mining and oil revenues. When you visit Urumqi, you may need this guide and tips. 

Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar has become the landmark of Urumqi. Once you visit Urumqi, the Grand Bazaar must be the first place to go. This bazaar is especially lively on summer evenings. You can see a plenty of local and regional products for sale. Also you can taste a lot of Xinjiang Cuisines at the night market of bazaar. You could even watch the culture show in the theater.


Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake is located at the east side of Urumqi for about 2 hours driving. This natural scenery and hiking areas is on Pogda Mountain at an elevation of about 2000 meters. This is a mountain lake, where you can see amazing scenery. You can even rent a yurt to stay the night. But it is a little bit cold on the mountain. Be sure to bring enough clothes when you travel here.


South Mountains

There are many summer resorts are located in these mountains for the local or international tourists who use to live in Urumqi. Because of the heat in Urumqi, the plenty of local people choose to visit South Mountains on weekends. You can see the beautiful grassland and mountain here. When you visit here, you can rent a yurt. Then you can enjoy the delicious Xinjiang foods on the mountain. You can even climb the mountain to see the beautiful natural scenery. In winter, this mountain is an international ski resort for travelers. You would see the different scenery in winter.


Red Mountain Park

This park is located at the center of Urumqi and this is also the landmark of Urumqi. This is a red rock hill with a tower on the top of it. You can see the view of whole Urumqi on the top of the hills.


Xinjiang Regional Museum

This museum, located at Xibei Road of Urumqi, is a large integrated center for the collection and study of cultural relics discovered in the region. This Uyghur style building was built in 1953.The famous ancient corpse of Loulan Ruins is exhibiting in the museum.


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