Jiayuguan Zixuan Winery

   Zixuan Wine was the first grape wine production which is certified both in China and abroad as an organic product company. Its Zixuan series has won countless awards. In 2010, Zixuan wine established its name at the Shanghai World Expo. It was used exclusively for the UN pavilion and won the Millennium Gold Prize. The Zixuan trademark was also named a Chinese famous brand. In December 2011, a 450,000-ton aluminum alloy energy conservation and technological transformation project were completed and put into operation. The tourism industry witnessed fast development. The East Lake Ecological scenic spot and Zixuan Vineyard were successfully transformed into national 4A tourist attractions, receiving 2.2 million tourists in 2011, up 32.2 percent year-on-year. Progress was also made in urban construction and management.

   Zixuan Wine Estate is located in Jiayuguan City, which is the junction of China and the West on the ancient Silk Road and west of the Great Wall. It is the largest steel base in Northwest China. Brewing-based company, which is the largest single cellar in Asia. The barrels of the items in the cellar are all wines that have been selected by the sommelier. They are of high quality and can be collected. Here you can see the production process of wine from harvesting, destemming, pulping, fermentation, vulcanization, mixing wine, bottling, sealing, and participate in wine tasting activities.

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   The scope of winery plans 50000 tons. Besides, the area of the vineyard comes up to 50000mu. Moreover, it's famous that our company has the largest underground wine cellar in Asia. And won the title of "the ten best wine in China". Since the construction of the manor started on June 17, 2005, the construction of the first phase has been completed. It has built internationally advanced wine production facilities such as crushing, fermentation, wine storage, bottling, research and development centers. Press, German cross-flow filter, Italian filling production line, French and American oak barrels, of which 13,700 square meters Zixuan cellar 1 is currently the largest single wine cellar in Asia, and a beverage production line and Well-equipped wine R & D center.

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   Zixuan Wine Estate was officially rated as a national 4A-Level industrial tourist area by the National Tourism Administration in April 2010. Based on the core function of winemaking, the manor takes the eight basic steps of winemaking as its main content, namely: "harvest → stem removal → pulping → fermentation → vulcanization treatment → mixed wine → bottling → bottle sealing". Focusing on the theme of wine, based on the architectural style of European towns, it is equipped with small-scale high-end leisure clubs, themed leisure areas, professional underground wine cellars, and appreciation centers.

TEL: +86 937-6393057

Opening Time: 09:30am to 17:00pm  Monday - Sunday

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