Shopping in Jiayuguan

   Shopping in Jiayuguan is very important for you to prepare suitable souvenirs. What should you buy? Here are some suggestions:

   Along the ancient Silk Road, the magnificent Great Wall, the cultural relics can be seen everywhere, the vast number of ancient books and documents, the mysterious mountains and waters, make this vast ancient road still overflows. There are many exotic and unusual things to buy which make wonderful souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends back home.

   If you are wondering what to buy, the following is the recommendation of Jiayuguan's special products compiled for you.

Luminous Cups

There is a household poem in China and one sentence from it goes, "Exquisite wine in cups that glitter at night". Cups here refer to luminous cups made in northwestern China. Luminous cups are made of jade found in Mount Qilian and used to serve as wine cups. Jiayuguan houses a well-established factory name Luminous Cups Factory, inviting people to take a tour and take away some cups as souvenirs.

Luminous Cups-1_副本.jpg

Camel Hair Paintings

Camel Hair Paintings are exclusive artworks by Jiayuguan artists. These paintings depict the landscape of western China, including splendid desert scenes. Camel hair fabric is most often seen in its natural tan color but hair from different parts presents different shades of color. The texture and color of camel hair make animals in the paintings, especially horses, camels and yaks look quite real.

Camel Hair Paintings_副本.jpg

Jiayuguan In kstones

Ink stone ranks among the Four Treasure of the Chinese Study with paper, ink, and brush. Ink stones in China are used for ink grinding in calligraphy and painting. Jiayuguan Ink stones are made of local stones which can be different colors including green, orange or yellow. Different colors of stones, together with natural markings and good carvings, give Jiayuguan inkstones great ornament value.

Jiayuguan Inkstones_副本.jpg

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