Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland

   Jiayuguan Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland is located in the south area of Jiayuguan City. It is a large-scale high-tech fourth-generation theme park invested and constructed by Shenzhen Huaqiang Group. Create dreamy feelings.

   Jiayuguan Fantawild Happy World consists of more than 20 large-scale themed project areas such as the Silk Road Journey, the Legend of the Pomegranate Tree, China Aerospace City, Fantawild Castle, Flying Over the Limits, the Light of Life, Tanggula Snow Mountain, Rapid Current, Magic Castle, etc. Covering hundreds of themed projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects.

  The new park has 45 themed attractions and more than 200 landscape designs. Nearly ten thousand visitors of different age groups went to the park on the day of its opening. After the opening ceremony, visitors entered the park. Laughers could be heard everywhere, showing the charm of this new park.

Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland-1.png

   Among them are the super-large indoor 4D theater project-Conch Bay, which will take you into the colorful underwater world; tracking stereoscopic magic show project-magic castle, large-scale theme drifting adventure project-rapids and brave advance; large mechanical action rotary Environmental 4D Project——Bears appearing in the theater, miraculously using high technology to create the magical scenes of the ancient Western Regions——Journey to the Silk Road, take you to witness the civilization and glory of the history of the Silk Road; the light of life invites you to find the mystery of the evolution of life Code; flying over the limit will take you around the world in five minutes; big pendulum, wave roll, pirate ship, go cup, spinning bee, space shuttle ... wonderful, take you to the sky and experience extreme joy.

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   Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland presents ancient cultures, while Fantawild Adventure provides an interactive experience. Both parks are suitable for visitors of all ages. The different themes of the two parks can satisfy visitors to different needs and provide more choices for them. One visitor who has been to Fantawild Adventure many times said "Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland opened the first park in the city in 2015, which is a good place for a family to tour while on holiday. The kids love to go to the park. As the kids grow up, we can now go to the new park. We can learn about history and culture while having fun, which is better than memorizing books".

TEl: +86937-5967820

Opening Time: 10:30am to 18:30pm  Monday - Friday

                          10:00am to 19:00pm  Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and Festivals

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