Local Cuisine in Jiayuguan

   Jiayuguan local cuisine has been strongly influenced by the nomadic tribes and ethnic groups for the situation of northwest China. The staple food here is wheat flour. Sheep meat is also very popular in the locals' daily life. Jiayuguan's diet is full of flavors. Locally famous snacks include kneaded fish-shaped noodles,  pull noodles, casserole, wonton, saozi noodles, artillery noodles, paste pot gluten, etc. The snacks are concentrated in the food street of the revitalizing market and the food street of the Jing railway. East Road also has a food night market.

   If you are wondering what to eat, the following is for your reference.

Yellow mutton lamb: One of the classics of the Northwest. This dish is crispy and not fatty. It is the imperial cuisine of the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Aixinjueluo Puyi. Lamb is rich in nutrients, and has the effects of warming and nourishing qi, nourishing, preventing wind and cold, and strengthening muscles.

Fish-shaped Noodle: The Fish-shaped noodles are exclusive Gansu cuisine. Pinched at both ends and bulging at the waist, the noodles got this name because they look like small fish. In summer, cool Fish-shaped noodles are served and topped with shredded pork and green pepper. They are excellent for hot weather.

fish shaped noodles.jpg

Steamed beef and mutton: It has a history of more than 1,000 years. It uses fresh fat beef, mutton and flour as raw materials, and pepper, fennel and other thirteen kinds of western-made seasoning flours. "Fried Steamed Beef and Lamb". Serve with raw garlic. It can also be eaten with battered lotus leaf cake. After eating, you can enjoy a cup of brewed brick tea, which will help digestion and clear the heart and taste.

Roasted Mutton Legs: Legs are the most tender cuts of meat on a lamb and are at their best when roasted. Try the glorious taste of a melting mouthful of tender and juicy roast lamb.

roasted mutton legs.jpg

Snow Mountain Camel Palm: A well-known traditional dish of the Han nationality, belonging to Gansu cuisine. It is made with a variety of ingredients, such as Tongzhang, chicken legs, trotters, ham, eggs, and mushrooms. Use Korean paste to make Xuefeng on a plate, cut the boneless camel palm into slices, and place it between Xuefeng. The table is color, fragrance, taste, and shape.

Shaokezi: A traditional cake of Yugur people, a Turkic-speaking people living exclusively in Gansu province. The sweet and crisp snack is baked in a stove full of burning dried sheep waste. The cake is usually served at weddings and festivals and can be made in the shape of flowers, apples, etc.


Xiongguan Feast: With the development of Jiayuguan tourism, requirements for local specialties have also emerged. The Xiongguan feast is a masterpiece carefully cooked by the chefs of the Jiayuguan Hotel in Jiayuguan! The use of locally selected ingredients and the use of local traditional cooking methods to create a gourmet feast on behalf of Jiayuguan. Different cooking methods show different colors, aromas, and tastes. Some are cooked and sticky, some are crispy and tender, and some are springy and chewy.

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