What to Buy in Urumqi

As the capital city of Xinjiang, you can buy many local products when you travel Urumqi. Unlike other cities in south Xinjiang, Urumqi has become a modern city. During recent years, big shopping centers, department stores and supermarkets have started springing up all over Urumqi. These large stores bring great convenience to the public as well as speed up the economic growth of the city.

Adlas Silk

Adlas silk is the great national characteristic satin in Xinjiang, with a unique pattern. Each Uyghur woman has making clothes with Adlas Silk, wearing it at the time of the holidays.




It is a kind of stringed instrument that is usually used by Uyghur and the Uzbek nationality. It is made from wood, sheep skin and other materials.


Yengisar Knife

Yengisar knife is produced in Yingjisha County. It has a long history. The knife has 12 types and more than 30 colors.



The “Doppa” means “hat” in Uyghur. It has many colors, you can also call it “multicolor hat”. It shows the culture of Uyghur nationality. You can buy all the local products in the international Grand Bazaar in Urumqi. There are many choices for you to buy a souvenir home.


You can buy all the local products in the International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi. Their are many choices for you to buy a souvenir home.

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