Top Urumqi Attractions

Plan your Urumqi tour? Urumqi is the largest city in Western China, and itself is worth pay a visit for your Xinjiang trip. Urumqi, with its unique geographic location and its long, rich history, a great variety of peoples, costumes, languages, religions and customs have forged the unique features. Pay a visit to several top attractions and enjoy a pleasant Urumqi Tour!

Heavenly Lake: As one of a must-see place in Urumqi, Heavenly Lake is 2000 meters up in the Tianshan Mountain, which is surrounded by snow, mountains, blooming wild flowers and evergreen pine trees. You can even rent a yurt to stay the night. But it is a little bit cold on the mountain. Be sure to bring enough clothes when you travel here.

South Mountains: Because of the heat in Urumqi, the plenty of local people choose to visit South Mountains on weekends. You can even climb the mountain to see the natural scenery; or you can rent a yurt when you visit here, to see the beautiful grassland and mountain.

Red Hill Park: At the center of Urumqi and the park is also the landmark of Urumqi. There is a red rock hill with a tower on the top of it where you can see the view of whole Urumqi on the top of the hills.

International Grand Bazaar: As one of the famous bazaar in Xinjiang,here you will find a bustling market filled with fruits, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets, and almost anything that you can imagine. This is the largest bazaar in Urumqi.

Xinjiang Regional Museum: The Xinjiang Regional Museum is a large integrated museum and a centre for the collection and study of cultural relics in Xinjiang. The famous ancient corpse of Loulan Ruins is exhibiting in the museum.

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