Top Cuisine in Urumqi

Urumqi is the capital city of Xinjiang. Xinjiang cuisine reflects the cooking styles of many ethnic groups of the Xinjiang region, and refers particularly to Uyghur cuisine. When you travel to Urumqi, you can try different delicious foods. As long as you are in Urumqi, you cannot resist food temptation. And fruit in Xinjiang is renown around the country, with fresh fruit offered for seven months. Let me introduce you some famous Xinjiang cuisines.


Big Plate Chicken

This is one of the top dishes among travelers. When you travel to Urumqi, you can order it in many restaurants.It consists of a huge plate of potatoes, peppers, a whole chicken and various spices.This dish can be ordered as a half plate or a full plate.The average full plate feeds 3~4 people. You can order noodle or naan mixed with this dish. This is an incredible cuisine in Xinjiang. 

                           da-pan-ji.jpg dapanji-urumqi.jpg


The locals call the Uyghur Lagman “Ban Mian”. This is the main noodle in Xinjiang. Lagman is made by mix vegetables and meat, vegetables and oil poured over a plate of noodles. There are many kinds of Lagman in Urumqi. No matter which type of Lagman you ordered, you will love it.

                           lagman-urumqi.jpg lagman-urumqi-2.jpg


Mutton is the most popular meat in Xinjiang. The famous kebab is an essential part of Xinjiang cuisine. You can taste kebab in every hala restaurant in Urumqi. Xinjiang kebabs are nothing more than lamb meat on a stick, usually with alternating meat and fat piece on the skewer. Then drop pepper powder, refined salt and cumin powder on it.

                          kebab-urumqi.jpg kebab-urumqi-2.jpg

Milky Tea

This is a Kazak style tea. Boil the brick tea in a pot and then add milk to it. Remember to stir the liquid from time to time until they are blended. Finally, extract the tea and put some salt in it.


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