Top Zhangye Attractions

Zhangye, located in the northwest part of Gansu Province, was an important commercial port on the ancient Silk Road. It boasts of abundant historical sites and natural landscapes. The well-known attractions in the city include Mati Temple, Big Buddha Temple, and Zhangye Danxia National Geopark.


Mati Temple

This temple complex is carved into the side of the mountain, look from outside if you don’t like cramped, tight space. It is interesting to climb the steep stairs and narrow passages and enjoy the beautiful views of the valley & mountains.

It is not only a temple but also a developed tourist spot. There are lots of restaurants or teahouses to sit and enjoy the countryside where horse riding by folks to a waterfall and other places. I think you could easily spend two days here if you like the outdoors and exploring nature.


Big Buddha Temple

While in Zhangye, the Dafo or Buddha Temple is a must-see place to visit. It is centrally located near the city center, and the street in front of the entrance to this temple is lined with beautiful weeping willow trees - very nice to walk here. There are some small shops and eateries that are also located on this street at the entrance. It is a lovely experience to visit the Buddha temple, which is well maintained with a tall, prominent Stupa located in the temple complex as well.

Zhangye National Geopark

A top attraction in Zhangye, this Geopark has shuttle buses starting from the main entrance and travels to four different stops (viewpoints) along the way - hop-on and hop-off to each of the four stops. We recommend a visit to this Geopark, which is well maintained and has convenient restrooms at the main entrance, and each of the four viewpoints stops.

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