Pingshan Lake valley

Zhangye Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon is a compound tourist attraction that integrates natural wonders, canyon exploration, geological scientific research, ethnic customs, and self-driving off-road, which are the closest to the city in China so far. "New Discoveries on the Silk Road" and many other reputations..Zhangye Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon is about 60 kilometers away from the urban area of Zhangye. It is the compound tourist attraction that integrates natural wonders, canyon exploration, geological research, ethnic customs, and self-driving cross-country which are the closest to the city in China. One of the most beautiful landscapes in China! It is praised by the "Chinese Geography Magazine" and well-known geologists and tourists at home and abroad as "Like Zhangjiajie", "Like the Colorado Grand Canyon", and a new discovery on the Silk Road! good fortune. Here, the canyons are deep and the peaks and forests are peculiar, and the colorful mountains are carved into unparalleled and breathtaking landscape paintings by nature with extraordinary creativity.


Chinese Name:平山湖大峡谷

Location:Pingshanhu Mongolian Township, Ganzhou District

Ticket:100Rmb/pp Sightseeing bus fare30Rmb

Opening TimeHigh season: 5:00-22:00 Low season: 7:00-19:00

Transportation:Self-driving or chartered car,Go by bus

famous scenery

Jiulong Huihai, Canyon Wonders, Lovers Peak, Yixiantian

Sacred Tree, Golden Toad Wentian, Tower of Man, Bird and Beast, Stone Forest, etc.

 Self-driving or chartered car

Driving route: From Zhangye City to the east, drive along the South Ring Road, pass the News Building on the right, go straight into Xianfu Street, drive along Xianfu Street for 1.0 km, pass the Cultural Building on the left for about 90 meters, and then right Turn into West Avenue, drive along West Avenue, go straight, continue along West Avenue, take the 3rd exit towards Beihuan Road/Beidajie, turn left into Beidao, drive along Beidajie, go straight into X214, and drive along X214 1.3 kilometers, turn right, continue on X214 for 12.3 kilometers, turn right into Y360, follow Y360 for 42.4 kilometers, and reach the end.


Go by bus

Go to the first floor of Zhangye Electric Power Building (Dianli International Travel Service) and take a commuter bus. Departure time: 8:30/14:30 in two classes, fare: 14 yuan. It is expected to arrive at 9:00, and the return journey will arrive at the gate of Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon at around 16:40.

Folding travel taboo

There are many ethnic minorities in Zhangye, so pay attention to respect for the customs of ethnic minorities during the journey.

Tourist season

Zhangye has a continental climate, characterized by dryness and little rain, with an average annual temperature of 6°C. It is the coldest in January and the hottest in July. From June to September each year, the best tourist season of the year.


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