Zhangye Souvenirs and Local Products

Qilian Jade

Qilian Jade It is one of China's five major jades, named for the abundance in Qilian Mountain. The jade is rich in rivers and mountains of Laojun Temple, Yushi Ditch and Yangmao Ditch of Sunan Yugur Autonomous County of Gansu. Qilian jade is a member of the serpentine family, with a wide variety. Serpentine group jade is known as serpentine jade, mostly in dark, green, yellow-green, etc: the flash and transparent stone, light clinochlore stone jade are known as nephrite the hessonite, diopside and plagioclase stone jade are known as Mixian County Jade, green jade and white jade to name just a few.


Unique Paper Cut

The paper cut is very popular in Zhangye and has various themes, which are closely related to the customs of native people in the contents of the paper cut. People use the implicit technique to express the wishes, interests, posterity multiply, and harmony of the society.


Local Embroidery

The various styles are exquisite with numerous techniques. Dragon festival every year is the spontaneous day for the show and competition of the local embroidery art in Zhangye.


Linze Jujube

Linze County has more than 100-year history of growing jujube and the jujube there is famous for its small core, sweet taste, qualified meat, rich nutrition, and long preservation. It has a rich amount of calcium, phosphorus, and Ferrum, invigorating qi and promoting blood circulation.


Nostoc Flageuiforme

A kind of wild eumycetes plant living in the desert, it is also named hair- seaweed" because it looks like people's hairs. It is rich in many trace elements, but it does not grow larger so that it is hard to collect, making it one of the special products in Zhangye.

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