Travel Tips in Urumqi

Urumqi is the capital city of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, as well as the political, economic, cultural and scientific center of Xinjiang. In the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, this city is on the northern slope of Mt. Tianshan and at the southern edge of Jungar Basin. With unique natural beauty and rich folk customs, Urumqi is an ideal tourist destination in China.

Travel Tips

1. Most of minorities in Xinjiang are Muslims. You should respect their customs. Do not irritate Muslims by eating pork and by speaking about pigs in their presence.

2. Security measures in Urumqi is very strict. For your safety. You should be cooperative with the security.

3. Most of restaurants in Urumqi are hala. You should not drink or smoke when you are in the restaurant.

4. The temperature difference between day and night in Urumqi is very large, bringing enough clothes before your trip.

5. Urumqi is at a high attitude , the UV is strong. Make sure to take good care of sun protection when it is sunny.

6. Urumqi is very dry. Make sure to bring enough water before your trip.

7. Avoid drinking hot tea after eating fruits to avoid diarrhea.

8. Drink tap water before you boil it.

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