Transportation in Urumqi

By Air

Urumqi is one of the cities that one of China's seven civil aviation administrations locates. Also, it is the eight major aviation hub ports in China. By 2013, Urumqi international airport operates 145 domestic routes (17 in Xinjiang), 25 lines of the international routes, and 1 for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas. Passengers can take plane to 15 countries, 23 international cities, and 55 domestic cities here. Daily domestic connections to Beijing, Guangzhou and other major cities are available as well as daily connections to Kashgar. Some international flights (not all daily) to Moscow and Islamabad are also available. 


By Train

Urumqi has two railway stations, South Railway Station and West Railway Station. There are trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Korla, Aksu, Alataw Pass, Alma-Ata, and some other cities. We strongly recommend taking hard or soft sleeper trains. Anyone on a budget who tries taking a train to Urumqi with a hard seat will quickly find out how uncomfortable it can be. There is also one international train traveling between Almaty (capital of Kazakhstan) and Urumqi. This is the best way to travel east into the rest of China.

                            urumqi-south-train-station.jpg urumqi-train-station.jpg


The best way to get around in Xinjiang is by bus as the highway system is relatively complete. The Urumqi bus station is a few blocks northeast of the train station. There are several bus stations in Urumqi, each associated with a different destination city. If you purchase tickets at the bus station near the train station, you will be charged the correct "official" price, but it may cost time as you will be driven to the smaller bus stations to allow other passengers to board. Urumqi is mainly served by three highways, Urumqi- Yining Highway, Urumqi-Kashgar Highway, and Urumqi- Kumul Highway. There are several bus stations in Urumqi.  Nanjiao Bus Station should be more useful for travelers.


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