Top Luoyang Attractions

Luoyang, once the capital of 13 ancient dynasties, has many popular historical attractions, including the world heritage site Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple. You can also visit the famous Shaolin Temple, a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.

Longmen Grottoes

As one of the three most famous grottoes in China, it is a must-see attraction when you go to Luoyang for the first time! Longmen Grottoes has over 2,300 holes and niches with 2,800 steles, 1,300 caves and 100,000 statues, stretching for 1,000 meters long in the south of Luoyang. There are thousands of amazing grottoes which show the collection of Buddha influenced Chinese Art will amaze you and cause you to imagine how it was all possible!

White Horse Temple

A significant temple bears the distinction of being the cradle of Buddhism in China. None of the original structure survives, it has been reconstructed several times, including after destruction in the Cultural Revolution. Standing for 1,900 years is still an excellent example of a Chinese temple.

Shaolin Temple

This Buddhist temple in Henan Province became known worldwide because of the Kung Fu TV series of the 1970s and movies about Shaolin Kungfu. Shaolin Temple, a world-famous Buddhist temple, is located at the west foot of Mt. Songshan, which is 49 kilometers west from Luoyang. As a child, I have always been fascinated with Shaolin temple! It is a lovely place to enjoy and study or learn the history of KungFu and the Temple! You could easily spend a full day here to give yourself enough time to walk around all of it.

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