Kashgar Transportations

   Kashgar Transportations provide the reference on your traveling in Kashgar, here we metion some of the transportations of Kashgar :

By Air: Airplanes are available between Kashgar and Urumqi. During the bustling time of travelling, four extra airplanes will be offered to meet the traveler's needs.

◆ Kashgar International Airport (+86 998-2980988) is about 9 miles (15 km) east of the city. It's about 20 minutes from the airport to the city center by taxi and 30 minutes by bus. The airport shuttle bus costs RMB 10

By Train: Kashgar is the terminal of the Southern Xinjiang Railway. There is a train from Kashgar to Urumqi every day, and it passes through Turpan, Korla, Aksu, Atush along the way.

◆ Kashgar Railway Station (+86 998-5637222) is 5 kilometers from the city center, about 10 yuan by taxi from the city

By Highway: Kashgar has a convenient network of highways. The bus can reach to all 12 counties in Kashgar prefecture. To the northeast, bus can reach Kezhou, Aksu, Korla, Turpan and up to Urumqi. To the southeast, the bus can reach to Shule, Yengsar, Shache, Yecheng, and Hotan. To east further, the bus can reach to Dunhuang in Gansu Province Germu in Qinghai Province, and down to Ali area in Tibet. To the south, the Sino-Pakistan Highway links China and Pakistan and to the north and west, two highways can get Tajikistan by Torugart pass.

◆ Kashgar International Bus Station (+86 998-2822913) located on Airport Road, near the People Hospital

◆ Kashgar Bus Station located on 29 Tiannan Road, has shuttle buses to Yecheng, Hotan, Tashkurgan and other counties. Shuttles to Tashkurgan run every hour and 5 times a day.

City Transportation: All major attractions in Kashgar are accessible by public transport.

Taxi is readily available. RMB 5 per trip will be enough to get you anywhere within the city, most drivers understand Chinese. Some city attractions can also be visited by bicycle. John Restaurant Rental opposite Luxemon Qinibagh Hotel and Seman Hotel can be rent a car.

Many other large hotels in Kashgar rent out themselves car service, you can inquire directly at the front desk, General rent 5 yuan/hour, or 40 yuan/day, the deposit is 200 yuan. It will cost about 30 yuan from the airport to a hotel. The cost will be 10 yuan from the hotel to both the airport and railway station. Usually, the bill is 10 yuan per km for going outside the city.

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