Kashgar Travel Advice

Kashgar travel and guide are under the influence of religious attention and tradition. People have to be rigorous rites in their social relations.

● Uyghur people are prohibited from eating pork, blood, dead animals, fierce animals, fierce birds, the meat of dog, donkey, mule, and camel.

● No excavating at the tombs, no hurt to flowers and plants

● People of different ages, different blood relationships, different religions, and different statuses will greet when they meet. As time goes by, the rites are changing the manners the men should respect when they welcome bear distinctive folk flavor. They must greet with "Salam" from the Arabic language, which means "peace and well being" for shaking hands, they will talk at leisure. If one of them is a leader or a senior, the other will drop his arms and hold hands together, which means he respects him. After that, they fall into a conversation about family members, asking the health, daily routine, and children. If the reply is beautiful, a blessing should be offered. At modern times, young men only shake their hands when they say hello to each other

● Mosques are places where Muslims pray, so serenity, seriousness, cleanness are requested.

● Passing by, looking on, and laughing at the prayers are not permitted

● Non-Muslims who are invited to the Muslim' s home should carefully follow their manners. They should not walk into the kitchen. At dinner, they only eat food on their plates. It is an offense to leave food on the plates or to drop menu on the ground carelessly. If this happens, he should pick it up quickly and put it on the nearest napkin. When eating polo on the same plate, the guest should take care of his hand, remembering not to take food on the other 's side. At table spiting, running nose, yawning, and making noise are not allowed. Otherwise, it is regarded as disrespect and offense.

  Also, travelers usually choose to take pictures in spring and summer, but cooler weather in Xinjiang provides a favorite chance for autumn sunshine and winter snow. The color of Karakul Lake constantly changes in different seasons. Pictures are taken in autumn, and winter Pamirs look mysterious and charming. Subash grassland on the Pamirs glitters goldenly under the autumn sun-shining Compared with Tibet plateau, the Pamirs show its tenderness except for its vastness and strength.

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