Best Time to Visit Kashgar

   As the Top destination in Xinjiang, It is very worth to visit kashgar. Best Time to Kashgar is from March to Novemver for the pleasant weather. Kashgar is located in the temperate zone of a continental climate. The climate in this area varies greatly be cause of the varied topography. Specifically, the Kashgar can be divided into zones plain climate, desert climate mountain climate , the Pamir Plateau climate and the Kunlun Mountains climate.

   Kashgar has a long summer and a short winter. The annual mean temperature is 11.7°C, with the lowest temperature of-24.4°C in January and the hottest 40.1°C in July. The frost-free period averages 215 days. The annual mean precipitation is 2 millimeters. The two river system of the Yarkant River and the Kashgar River in this area have five big rivers with a total annual runoff of 10.9 to 11.9 billion cubic meters.

 In summer there are no extreme hot days and in winter there are no extreme cold days, the mean temperature of the air is 11.7℃. July finds the hottest month in a year with average temperature of 27 ℃. August and September are the two best months to visit Kashgar because these two months boast 60 sunny days running and also are the time for ripe fruit a melons.

 Moreover, tourists would enjoy spectacular celebration during the Corban Festival and Fast-breaking Festival if they visit Kashgar at that time.

Every year from 21st to 23rd March. the local Tajik people living in Taxkorgan County of Pamir Plateau always celebrate their Nurz festival which is also named Spring Plouging for their good expection of great harvest in autumn. There are many activies such as yark racing, horse racing, culture show etc.

It is also recommended that come to Kashgar in the end of March to the first week of April for the Apricot flower season in Pamir plateau. the pink flowers dressed up the wild mountains which can be regarded as the secret planet.

Annual Tempreture of the Year/°C  ( High-Low )

Jan. Feb. Mar. April. May. June.
July. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Only for Reference

   Kashgar belongs to a typical temperate continental climate. The four seasons are clear, the light is sufficient, the temperature changes greatly, the precipitation is scarce, and the amount of evaporation is large, making it an important melon and fruit producing area in Xinjiang. The summer is hot, but the hot summer period is short; the winter is not severely cold, but the low temperature period is long, and there are more winds, sandstorms, and dusty weather in spring and summer. Kashi is the coldest in January with an average temperature, and the hottest in July with an average temperature. June, July, August, September is the best time to visit Kashgar every year

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