Xi'an Travel Tips

  • The climate in Xi'an is drier than southern China, so when you planning to travel to Xi'an, you should bring moisturizer

  • Xi'an people are very kind and honest, because of the relatively developed tourism industry, and social security is quite good.

  • Xi'an is famed for its annual festivals; one of the livelier ones is the Silk Road International Tourism Festival. Every September people gather in downtown Xi'an for this event. Fireworks, folk music and dance performances, talent shows, cultural exhibitions are all part of the itinerary.

  • Be aware that taking pictures inside the pits at the Terracotta Warriors is officially prohibited.

  • The climate in Xi'an is dry and dusty, so tourists are suggested to bring moisturizing products and windproof scarves.

  • Many Hui people in Xi'an believe in Islam. Travellers should pay attention to their words and deeds in Hui inhabited areas and halal restaurants.

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