Xi'an Transportation

Xi'an has many areas that are easily accessible on foot. In many commercial, residential, educational zones in the city, especially in the shopping and entertainment districts around the Bell Tower, underpasses and overpasses have been built for the safety and convenience of pedestrians. Electric bikes are popular among students and offer easy transportation in and around the city for many residents. A bicycle-sharing network started operating in 2013 and today has 52,000 bikes, used by over 200,000 people per day. Taxi services are numerous, but many citizens of Xi'an still commute to work using the city's 270 official municipal bus routes serviced by a fleet of over 7,800 buses, with an average system-wide ridership of over 4 million people per day. The bus network is complemented by a rapidly expanding subway system that carries over 1.5 million commuters per day.

  • Xi'an Xianyang International Airport:

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport is the main airport serving Xi'an, the capital of China's Shaanxi Province, as well as the whole Guanzhong area. Covering an area of 5 square kilometres (1.9 sq mi), it is the largest airport in Northwest China and the second largest airport in Northern China. 

There are frequent flights to HongKong, Beijing, Shanghai Guangzhou, Urumqi and some international flights.

  • Railway Transportation

Xi'an North Railway Station is located in the north of Xi'an City, it is the central hub station of Xuzhou-Lanzhou passenger dedicated line, Xi'an-Chengdu passenger dedicated line, Datong-Xi'an passenger dedicated line, Xi'an-Yinchuan passenger dedicated line and Guanzhong inter-city railway network, where most high-speed rail and intercity trains stop. Xi'an Metro Line 2 and line 4 have stations here.

  • Highway Transportation:

Xi'an currently has three-ring road systems, the Second Ring road and the Third Ring road which encircle the city. These ring roads are similar to freeways, except where there are traffic signals on the Second Ring road.

As a tourist city, Xi'an has built expressways to Lintong, Tongchuan and Baoji, with well-maintained roads to famous scenic spots in suburban counties and the north slope of the Qin Mountains. Since its construction in September 2007, the G5 Beijing–Kunming Expressway connects Hanzhong and Xi'an through the Qinling.

  • Xi'an Taxi:

Starting price in the daytime: 9.0 RMB; starting price in the night: 10.0 RMB

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