Luoyang Food and Local Restaurants

Henan Province is located in central China, Henan Province is one of the major agricultural regions in China. Henan cuisine, also known as Yu cuisine, formed its own style under the influence of Jiangsu cuisine, with which it shares some similar ingredients, and to a lesser extent, Beijing cuisine, from which it adopted many cooking methods. Consequently, Henan cuisine tastes lighter than Beijing cuisine and bears more resemblance to Jiangsu cuisine.

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Water Banquet

There are many famous "Water Banquets" in Luoyang city we want our guests must visit to this city and enjoy the nature and beauty of this city. These banquets have famous name because most of its dishes are soups, the dishes are also served continuously one after another like running water. The water banquet began as a feast for commoners, but it caught the eye perhaps nose) of Tang dynasty Empress Wu Zetian who made it a royal delicacy.

The banquet consists of 24 dishes. It starts with eight cold appetizers, four with meat and four vegetarians. Next come 16 hot dishes that are presented in groups of four, with each group based on a central flavour. Each dish usually costs around RMB 15 to 30. 


Soybean Noodles

Noodles cooked in green soybean milk, topped with vegetables and hot pepper oil is a yummy snack.



If you're carving dumplings then try Xin'an County Tangmianjiao; these pork dumplings are delicious with some vinegar.


Braised Noodles

Braised Noodles are known as one of the five famous noodles in China, with other four being Beijing Soybean Noodles, Shanxi Sliced (Daoxiao) Noodles, Hubei "Hot-dry" Noodles, and Sichuan Dandan Noodles.

The dish can be divided into different types based on the ingredients used: mutton, beef, and others.


Beef or Mutton Soup

Beef or mutton soup is a great way to fill up, and it's reputedly better than mom's chicken soup.

The beef or mutton soup, sprinkled with green onions, is the favourite food of natives in Luoyang. Natives like to cut the pancake into slices and dip it in the soup to make it more delicious.


Spicy soup

Hulatang, meaning "hot pepper soup" or "spicy soup", is a traditional Chinese soup created in Henan Province but became popular in Shaanxi Province. It can be divided into two versions in Henan, Xiaoyaozhen style (from a town near Zhoukou City) and Beiwudu style, both in Henan.

In Chinese, "hu" represents "hu jiao", which means pepper, and "la" spicy, hence its name.

The soup's signature is that it's heavily seasoned with pepper and its thick and sticky texture. In addition to pepper, herbs and ginger, aniseed and fennel are also added to the boiling soup to make it even more hot and spicy.

Luoyang Restaurants:

Zhenbutong Restaurant

Zhenbutong restaurant was founded in 1895 and is an old hotel with a history of more than 100 years. Here, you can taste the traditional local food such as Luoyang Water Banquet, Soybean Noodles, Kaifeng Soup Dumplings and other traditional local delicacies are loved by the public.


Kaifeng Diyilou

This is very famous and classical restaurant here you can taste the famous Kaifeng Guantangbao. A cage of Baozi only costs 10 Yuan, with a glass of rice wine plus chicken. It's very economical

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