Food in Kyrgyzstan

The Central Asian staples can be found all over Kyrgyzstan and as good as some of it is you may crave something else after a while.

Bishkek has a wide variety of restaurants serving everything from western fast food to Italian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. So if you want a break from the local delicacies then this will be the place to get your fill.

Shashlyk – One of the meals that define the region – grilled meat kebabs. Usually lamb, although chicken and beef can also be found here and there. Usually served with a scattering of red onions on a huge skewer.

Manti – These steamed dumplings come in a variety of styles with fillings both meat and vegetarian options available.

Samsa – More often than not they are wrapped in crispy, flaky pastry and have a taste similar to that of a cornish pasty (for those that know this delicious English snack). These can be found in restaurants, bazaars and from carts on the street. Like manti, they come in both meat and vegetarian varieties.

Lagman – A thick noodle dish covered in vegetables and meat in a spicy, vinegary sauce.

Beshbarmak – This literally translates as 5 fingers, since that’s what you eat it with. It consists of horse meat (occasionally beef or lamb) boiled it’s own broth and served over boiled noodles.

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