Altyn Arashan


   Karakol's most popular attraction is probably a simple hot spring development site called Alkin Alashan (meaning "Golden Hot Spring"). It is located on a picturesque 3000-meter high mountain canyon. The Palatka Peak at 4260 meters above sea level.

   Most areas belong to the Arashan State Nature Reserve and are home to about 20 snow leopards and a few bears, but the only animals you might see are horses and sheep in captivity.

   According to legend, 25 snow leopards were trapped here during the Soviet era. It was not until 1975 that the Soviet government canceled all collection and hunting permits that these snow leopards were sent to zoos around the world.

   There are several small hot spring development sites in Alkin Alexa (ticket 200s0m). Natural hot spring water flows into a series of concrete pools surrounded by wooden fences. The water in the pond smelled of sulfur, but the certificate translated on the door praised the therapeutic effect of the hot spring water in detail, listing the diseases it could cure.

   Each shed is locked. You can get the keys from the house and choose the nearest shed to enter. This is a great way to relax, and afterward, you have to scream and rush into the cold river water.

   From the hot spring, walk about 5 hours to the entrance of the Palatka Glacier, the whole glacier winds around the Palatka Peak.

Arrival and Departure:

   From the east of Karakol Center, drive about 12 kilometers along the well-paved asphalt road to the Aksu Sanatorium "Koror", which is a frequent destination for Aksu 350 minibus terminal (last train returns at 6 pm in winter and 8 pm in summer). It is 14 kilometers away from Alkin Alexa. Choose the lane of the south branch about 200 meters in front of the main road entrance of the sanatorium. This trail has degenerated into the world's most troubled motorway (see page 273). When the snow covers the road, the road becomes flat, or when the weather is dry in summer and the rocks are running out, you may find that the previous judgment is slightly exaggerated, but in our experience, walking is more pleasant It takes about 5 hours to climb and 3.5 hours to return, not necessarily much slower than driving. Easy to find the way. 3 km after crossing the river, skim off all bridges in the distance and continue to the left (upward, away from the river) 12 km from Kurort. There is a short cut (double U-shaped road) for hikers, otherwise, you can follow the 4WD car. The first half is dominated by pine-covered slopes that grow along the river. After about 8 kilometers, you can see more white peaks, but only 1 kilometer in front of the hotel, you can really see the highland valleys and towering peaks under the light. You can also choose to hike to Alkin Alashan as the climax of the trek to/from Karakol Valley, but you need to be prepared to deal with potentially dangerous conditions, high altitudes and precarious pebbled branch road

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