Our Excellent and Friendly Guide in Qinghai

November 26th 2019 10:23:33

My name is Dawei, I am a Tibetan Buddhist. and I come from a pastoral farming family, which comes from Qinghai province, Western China.


This part of China is spread across the high altitude Tibetan plateau, and is a place of strong Tibetan and Mongolian cultural traditions and customs. Therefore I am fairly familiar with the culture and customs of western China.


I have travelled as tour leader to many south asian countries such as India, Bhutan and also nearly the entire country of China, focusing especially leading tour groups to Qinghai, Gansu Ningxia provinces and Tibetan regions.


These areas cover different landscapes such as Tibetan Highlands, pastures, desert, mountainous areas, valleys, gobi (dry land comprising soil, sand and rock)


I have led tour groups from various countries, (such as Poland, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand and Singapore, etc) and also include overseas student groups


The activities of these various tour groups include trekking, bird watching, cycling, camping, cultural and religious sightseeing.


Leave your problems and worries at home, come and enjoy a place of outstanding beauty, relaxation, culture and enjoy the friendly atmosphere from the warm welcome you will receive when you travel in this country.