Our Excellent and Friendly Guide in Guilin

November 25th 2019 18:28:00

My Chinese name is Aixia Yang,English name is Samantha. I was born in Henan province,I was graduated from Guilin institute of tourism in 2005. My major is tourism English. In the first two years after graduation,I worked in a foreign trade company. Because I’m very interested in tourism,I have been a tour guide since 2007. I love my work very much. My guests came from all over the world. They open a window for me to face the world. I have devoted my greatest enthusiasm and responsibility to every guest of my groups. I want to give them the best service and experience.                  

I am an optimistic and positive person. I love reading and traveling. My work makes me have a richer life.  I hope I can become a bridge between eastern and western cultures.