Our Excellent and Friendly Guide in Kashgar

November 26th 2019 17:50:00

Hi, everyone.

Thank you for taking your time. It's really my honor to have this opportunity to share with you guys. Now I would like to introduce myself briefly.

My name is Adiljan. please call me Josh, it's my enghlish name.  I'm 34 years old and born in the Old Town Kashgar.  I graduated from Xinjiang Normal University. My major is Chinese language. And I got my bachelor degree after my graduation. I also studied English by myself as a second major.

Actually I'm an English lover. I like enghlish literature.as a English speaking tourguide, I'm very interested in enghlish and studied very hard on this subject. I worked in an American film company (Dream Works) it was 2006 summer vacation at the beginning of my job as a enghlish speaking guide. My spoke enghlish was improved a lot by communicating with film crews frequently during that period. By the way, this film shoted in my hometown kashgar and the movie called: KITE RUNNER.

I m very  optimistic and easy to get along with. I have many friends. Teamwork spirit is very important in this age. I think if we want to make big achievement, it's very important to learn how to cooperate with other people.

My motto is "characters determine destity " so I always remind myself to be honest and modest to everyone.    As a motto goes"attitude is everything " I will put all my heart in it and try my best to do it well.

All the best.