Our Excellent and Friendly Guide in Gansu

November 26th 2019 10:19:00

Jiayuguan Guide : Jane

I am a tourist guide in Jia Yu Guan.My name is Jane,I was born in Jia Yu Guan and grew up in BeiJing,My grandparents brought me up.In 1987, I was graduated from local high school and I went to LanZhou Uinversity to study English from 1989 to 1991.

In 2002.l obtainted the certificate of education self study examination of northwest normal University.From 1992 to now, I have been working as a guide.People say:I am a persistent person . Yes!I love guide work. I like to travel and also like to meeting Various kinds of people. Many years of experience as a guide told me:As a guide must have a strong sense of responsibility、treat people sincerely and warmly、Unremitting efforts and continuous learning. In addion to English . I have studied history 、tourist marketing 、tourist psychology、even local culture、Law of tourism and  so on. Believe me,I will keep working hard and persist in loving my job and keep getting old.

The silk road jiayuguan City.I strive to be an excellent guide.