Our Excellent and Friendly Guide in Gansu

November 25th 2019 19:12:15

Dunhuang Guide:Larry                                                                                                               

Larry was born in Dunhuang west end of Gansu province ,In 1995  I  was graduated from local high school and been to Xi an  studied in Shan Xi Normal university , even my major is English education but I loves tour guide this job, When I was graduated from university in 1998 I have been working as full time guide .I like to travel and I also like meeting various kinds of people ,so I think guiding tourists abroad would be interesting .In addition to English ,I have studied economics of tourism ,tourist marketing ,tourist psychology ,tourist cultures even local culture and history ,guiding methods and techniques, vocational ethics of tourism , law of tourism and so on. Even I know that a tourist guide must be responsible for arranging and coordinating tour activities, and offering service of transportation ,sight seeing shopping and entertainment. in the past years I enjoy very much my experience of tour guide .I will do my best to do my job and share my experience with my clients