Jiayuguan Travel Advices

   Plan your holidays and there is something you should pay attention to avoid unnecessary problems when you travel to Jiayuguan

●  Jiayuguan city has a temperate continental desert climate. The average annual temperature is between 6.7 ℃ and 7.7 ℃, and the annual sunshine is 3000.2 hours. The large temperature difference between day and night. Wear thick clothes and keep warm. And sunglasses are a must-have item, especially in areas with strong ultraviolet rays. Pay attention to wearing glasses.

●  Jiayuguan has a high altitude and can carry some medicines for preventing altitude sickness. In addition, it is recommended to use sunscreen skincare products to protect yourself from strong ultraviolet radiation.

●  Jiayuguan is dry during the day. Tourists need to bring a kettle, drink plenty of water or eat more fruits; Gansu has many varieties of sweet and delicious fruits, but be careful not to eat too much to avoid gastrointestinal upset.

●  If you have special shooting needs for monks, lamas, priests, and ethnic minorities wearing national costumes, in any case, smile and ask for the consent of the other party to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by misunderstanding.

●  Strengthen your self-protection consciousness. Do not go shopping outside at night alone. Especially those who travel far away should travel together with people who are familiar with each other. This will not only increase the fun of tourism but also take care of each other.

● Infomations

Zip Code: 735100

Area Code: 0937

Jiayuguan Tourism Complaint Tel: 0937-6221114

Jiayuguan Travel Complaint Tel: 0937-6225553

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