Xinjiang Travel Guide: Food, Climate & Tips

November 21st 2019 11:44:00


  • Xinjiang is a region with a large number of ethnic minorities. And most of them are muslims.So most restaurants provide halal food. If you don’t want halal food,or you have special requirements, please be sure to inform in advance.

  • Beef and mutton are the main meat in Xinjiang. Don’t drink cold water after eating beef and mutton, you’d better drink hot tea.Tea can resolve greasy.

  • Smoking and drinking are not allowed in the halal restaurants. And remember don’t bring other food into the restaurants.

  • When you visit minorities home. You should be polite. Respect their customs.

  • Xinjiang is the land of melons and fruits. There are plenty of fruits you can eat in autumn. But don’t eat too much, in case of gastrointestinal discomfort.

  • The route between attractions in Xinjiang is very long. Be sure to prepare enough foods before your tour.


  • The climate in Xinjiang is very dry.So you should prepare enough water during your tour.

  • Due to the large temperature difference between morning and night.You should pay attention to pre-cold and heat prevention.In summer,you should prepare short sleeves,long sleeves and coats.

  • When you visit mountain area,you should prepare thick coat or sweater.It is cold in mountain area.

  • AC should be opened moderately during your sleep.

Other Travel Tips

  • The best time to travel Xinjiang is from May to October.Southern xinjiang is dominated by cultural landscape and unique natural scenery.Northern xinjiang is dominated by the beautiful natural scenery of the original ecology, snow mountains, grasslands, lakes, rivers, yurts, primeval forests, etc.Therefore, it is hot and dry. Please do not use open fire or smoke in the scenic area.

  • The tourist attractions in xinjiang are scattered, and it is easy to get tired after a long ride. Please be prepared to bear hardships and ensure a good night's rest.Many scenic spots require tourists to walk or climb mountains.You'd better prepare a pair of comfortable, fit and easy to exercise shoes.

  • Xinjiang climate is dry and sandstorm is big, Sunshine time is long, ultraviolet ray illuminate is intense, in the way must drink water more to replenish body moisture, take good prevent bask in article to be like sunshade hat, umbrella, sunglasses and sunblock.

  • There are many scenic spots in xinjiang, the scenery is magnificent and beautiful, different, every trip to take photos as much as possible with batteries and storage cards.

  • There are many religious ceremonies of ethnic minorities in xinjiang. Please do not stop to watch or pay too much attention to their personal life.Do not beat and scold herdsmen's livestock and hounds to avoid misunderstanding.