Hotan Carpet Workshop

Introduction of Carpet Workshop

The Carpet Workshop is open every day and demonstrate the entire process from cocoon to weaving. Which has a showroom where you can buy Atlas silk by the meter or made into scarves, bags, dresses and other items.Carpet weaving in Hotan has already a history of more than 2000 years. Hotan carpet is a part of orient national handwork, various in types, beautiful in manners, elegant in patterns and bright in color. Among them the carpets with designs of Anagu Kaqiman, Ilikent, and etc., totaling 8 kinds, are in international traveling traders`good graces. The mill is located on the eastern bank of the Yurung-kash River, the output of high-class carpets reaches 3 ten thousands square meters a year, which sell well on markets in tens countries and areas in Europe, Asia, and America, enjoying reputation at home and abroad. 

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