Qinghai Lake

The Introduction of Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake have the large area, the lake is surrounded by mountains and the vast grassland. The scenery is quite spectacular and beautiful, in addition, there are many landscapes for viewing, which is the most important scenic spot to visit Qinghai.

Located in northeast Qinghaai-Tibet Plateau,the Qinghai Lake is the largest inland salt water lake in China. It is so broad and expansive that the ancient people mistook it for a sea.

The Qinghai Lake adds a gentle touch to the rough plateau. It is surrounded by four tall mountains, each with an elevation between 3,000 and 4,000 meters,which embrace the lake like natural shields. From the lakeside to the foot of the mountains lie vast, flat grasslands that stretches for several hundred km. The magnificent mountains, serene lake and elegant grassland form a charming landscape.

New visitors to the Qinghai Lake are often surprised to see that the water in the lake is not a single color: the lake presents a spectrum of hues, such as sky blue, emerald green, dark purple and silver gray in correspondence with the changing weather. The sight of the mist-covered lake surface and the glittering waves can dissolve fatigue and worries.

Due to its gentle nature, the Qinghai Lake is linked with stories about women.In Chinese mythology,the Qinghai Lake is also called the "Pond of Fairy Mother's Abode," whose owner is a prestigious goddess,the Queen Mother of the Western Heaven. It is said that the Queen Mother held grand banquets in the pond to entertain other gods and goddesses in the heaven.As the Queen Mother's birthday was said to be July 18 on the Chinese lunar calendar, both officials and ordinary people would come to the lakeside to hold grand rituals of worship on this day, which has become a regular practice ever since the Tang Dynasty. Today, the lake worshipping ceremony has evolved into a grand party.People from all over gather by the lake-singing,dancing, playing games and holding competitions to have fun and make friends. 

A small island, Haixinshan (which literally means "a mountain in the heart of the sea"),can be found in the lake,and many legendary stories revolve around it. Haixinshan is 30 km from the south lakeshore, and is a long, narrow island 2.3 km long and 0.8 km wide.The rocky island boasts freshwater springs that attract birds. The ancient Chinese believed that the island was the only place to breed the precious “dragon horses." It is said that in winter when the Qinghai Lake froze, the local herdsmen would drive the mares onto the Haixinshan Island,where they could become impregnated with the "dragon's offspring." Thus, the colts they bore would grow into "dragon horses,"being not only tall and striking but strong and fast, making them ideal battle horses.People today believe that the "dragon horses"actually refer to a fine breed named "Qinghaicong,"which can only be found near the Qinghai Lake.However,the most charming part of the Qinghai Lake is the birds' islands, which are located in the northwest. There are two such islands, namely, the Dandao Island (island of the eggs) and Haixipi Island. Both accommodate a large number of migratory birds and thus have the reputation as a “Kingdom of the Birds."  

Covering about 1 sq. km, the Dandao Island is not large but attracts numerous birds. Each year,more than 100,000 migratory birds arrive at the island for inhabiting or breeding.When spring arrives, the island is occupied by a variety of migratory birds, such as the bar-headed goose, brown-headed gull and great black-headed gull, whose nests can be spotted everywhere. It has become a marvelous spectacle of the Qinghai Lake that the whole island is densely covered by eggs laid by the migratory birds settling down.

The size of the Haixipi Island is four times larger than that of the Dandao Island. The most special aspect of the island is that it houses an "empire of cormorants." On a huge rock standing in east Haixipi Island, which looks just like a giant bell turned upside down, a large army of black cormorants can be found. With binoculars, the cormorants can be seen taking a comfortable sunbath and leading free, easy lives.

Now, a nature reserve has been established in theQinghai Lake, to better protect the birds and also the environment. The beautiful legends of the lake will surely last forever.

When is the best time to visit?

Every April to August is the best time to travel to Qinghai lake. July-August is the most beautiful, at this time there are plenty of rape flower and the yellow flower fields on the edge of the lake, which is quite spectacular.

April to June is the best time to see birds on Bird Island every year, it will absolutely feast your eyes.


The climate of Qinghai Lake & Why is worth to visit

The weather here is cool all the year round, even in midsummer, the daily average temperature is about 15 degree Celsius. making the lake a perfect summer resort. When the golden season approaches, the rippling blue water reflects the blue sky and white clouds in the water, around the lake green grass carpets the ground and various wild flowers contend in beauty and fascination: huge patches of cropland welter with wheat waves and fragrant golden ripen flowers: accompanied by the melodious Tibetan pastoral songs, sheep flocks like patches of white clouds roll on the dark green pastures. All these poetic and refreshing views are so enchanting that tourists linger on and on, forgetting to return home. When the winter comes, the lake starts to ice up and the gigantic"ice mirror"glistens in the sun, and that is quite gorgeous.


The developed scenic spots around Qinghai Lake

Some scenic spots have been developed around Qinghai Lake, such as Erlangjian Scenic Spot in Hunan, Bird Island in the west, where hundreds of thousands of birds can be seen and photographed every April-June and Sand Island Scenic Spot in the east, which is dominated by beach scenery and entertainment and so on. In addition to these official attractions, there are also some private attractions, such as Jinsha Bay, Freshwater Lake and Erhai Lake etc, which have more preferential entertainment projects. You can choose to play according to your hobbies. However, if you would like to visit other scenic spots around the Qinghai Lake, these landscapes are worth to visit, such as Caka Salt Lake and Menyuan rape flowers to name just a few.


The best method to travel to Qinghai Lake

The best way to visit Qinghai Lake is chartered tour, the cost of chartered car in Xining is about 600-700 yuan in peak season, You can also travel by bus, it have many sightseeing buses to Qinghai Lake Scenic Spot and some buses to Bird Island Scenic Spot will be opened every year in the right season. Another way is to cycling around the lake, it has already become a popular, romantic and environmental way to travel around Qinghai Lake.


Qinghai Lake Travel Tips

1. Qinghai Lake has an average altitude of 3, 000 metres, many tourists will have plateau reaction, please avoid intense exercise and ensure adequate sleep.

2. Qinghai Lake has a large temperature difference between day and night, especially in Summer, tourists should take more clothes. In addition, Qinghai Lake has intense sunshine and dust during the day, so the tourists are also suggested to prepare the sunglasses, headscarves and other necessities.

3. When we traveling in Qinghai Lake, we should respect the customs and religious beliefs of the local people. we should respect the Shenhu Lake and do not kick the Duobang(Piled Stone) near the lake.

4. Do not make noise in some religious places such as monasteries.


The ticket price of Qinghai Lake scenic Area

Peak season: 100 RMB

Off season: 50 RMB


Opening Time:

The scenic spot is open all day

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