Dongtai Ginell Lake in Golmud

Dongtai Ginell Lake

Dongtai Jinell Lake, in Geermu city, Qaidam Basin, the periphery of the lake basin is quaternary alluvial, alluvial, eolian and lacustral clay and chemical type deposits;Most of the lakeside are lacustrine and lacustrine chemical deposits,and saline-alkali land is widely distributed.In the east is a sandy dry salt flat of nearly 50 square kilometers, 15-20m thick, and the salt deposited at the bottom of the lake is 2-3m thick.The water level is 2 681m, 24km in length, 8.7km in maximum width, 5.05km in average width, and 121.3 square kilometers in area. 


What to Visit in the Dongtai Ginell Lake

1、The ecological environment  

The lake area belongs to the arid and extremely arid climate of the Qaidam basin,with an average annual temperature is about 2 degrees and an annual precipitation is less than 25mm in Jinell Lake, Dongtai.The catchment area is 38,500 square kilometres ,and the recharge factor is about 156KM (including West Lake). Water in the lake mainly depends on the Dongtai Jinell River supply, dongtai Jinell River,its upper source for the Nalengele River and Hongshui River, from the Kunlun Mountain Crane Tobanri snow mountain and Bukataban snow Mountain;The annual average flow of Nalenggrad River is about 33.83 m3 / s, and the runoff is about  1.035 billion m3, of which the glacier melt water runoff is 307 million m3 (Yang Zhinang, 1991).Solid salt deposits are mainly stone salt deposits with huge reserves.The upper layer is the new salt layer of lake bottom, and the lower layer is the mud-bearing sandy stone salt.Li in brine and intercrystalline brine is a liquid deposit with comprehensive development and utilization value


2、Ornamental value  

China's Maldives is not located in Hainan or the Xisha Islands, but in Qinghai's Dongtai Jinell Lake.Dongtai Jinell Lake is located in Golmud City, Qaidam Basin,which is a saline land on the way to Water Yadan, 10 kilometers away from water Yadan.Take the national Highway 315, feel the unique charm of the water highway, the surrounding environment is empty, the side of the highway is light blue salt water, the middle of the highway straight forward, as if the road to wonderland, is suddenly open, fresh and free from the noise of the city, the sound of nature reverberated.  

3、Present form  

Blue lake and salt crystals, under the sun will be bright, blue and white and see the sunrise sunset or cloudy sunny and 360 ° of the open here, only day,lake, with you to the development of salt lake, clear as the sky, soft white saline-alkali land, like the maldives mint blue lake, the silt but don't dye of blue, the beauty of the eyes,No amount of flowery words can represent the beauty of empathy and experience,and the beauty is fresh and unforgettable.  

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